Double the Happiness!! :D

Okaaaaaaaay, so Im super happie today... not for one but 2 reasons...

1) Coz Im done with my exams today!!!!!!!!! *happyyyyyyy* what a month this october was... hectic! and well, BAD!! finally its done... Goodbye exams... dont ever come back! (Gee, I wish that could really happen! *sigh*)

2) What a super ending to this month... I won a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Alright, I won Nivedita of "Beauty at times is skin deep" 's Yardley giveaway.. and HERE is the link!! :) :) This is the first time I've won any giveaway.. Okay, lets face it, I hardly ever win anything anytime.. My luck sucks when it comes to contests and all.. :P ... So, I myself cant believe I actually won something!! :D 
A BIG FAT Thankoooooooooooooo Nivedita!!! <3 :)

Apart from that, just wanted to tell you all... Nivedita is a really really REALLY nice gal... I'd never spoken to her till now and now that I did, I'm GLAD!! :) She's one of the most awesome-est(okay, I know that word doesnt exist :P but cant help.. I love that word! :P) persons I've ever spoken to in the "virtually" real life! Lol, I mean online! :P
*hugs* to you, gal!! :)
Keep smiling!! :)