A fav. product with a regret buy!

Hey lovelies..
Im back.. Yesterday was soooooooo much fun... I'd been with my parents to Namma Metro.. Finally Bangalore has a Metro rail(even though its just for a stretch of 7 kms as of now running for just 13 mins. :P)... But I was so happie yesterday... yipppieeee!! :D

Anyway, back to the content of my post..
Recently I've been trying out a lot of products.... some good, some bad and some ugly!!
So, I thought of sharing with you all 1 product that have been wonderful on my skin and 1 which were ummm, bad!!!
First of, let me tell you my skin is dry-combination only on my face and the rest of my body is super dry. And my hair is normal-dry(and fine) although it tends to get a li'l frizzy on the 3rd-4th day...

Here is the product my face LOVES:-

And the one that my face quite DISLIKES:-

Since, I dont have much to share right now... I guess this post will do....:P I will make a review of both the products soon.. and let you all know why I love/dislike these stuff...
And till I go shopping.... Im just gonna participate in the giveaways running now.... :D :D

Ciao guys :)
Take care... and dont forget to keep on shopping!! ;)

PS:- Im thinking of making a post every month on the "product of the month" and "regret buys"(if any) . What do you think?! Please do comment! :)

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