First post... Weeeeeee!!!!! :) :)

Heyyyyyy all!!!! :) :)
Okay…. Im FINALLY here with my first post... yayyyy!!!! :D Im soooo excited!!!!!! :) :)
I created my blog on 13th of this month, but my first post comes 'today'.. guess why?! Exams!!!!!! :( ..yeah, my exams are goin on and I will be totally free only by the end of this month but I dint wanna wait that long for my first ever blog post! :P

Well, to start with.. let me just briefly introduce myself to you. 
Im Dhriti doing my final year BA in Bangalore.. the reason I chose BA was bcoz im reeli reeli interested in psychology..
Apart from that, I love reading novels, heavy metal and gothic music [\m/], facebook, writing, watching sitcoms n cartoons. :P 

Im a big SHOPPING freak!!!!!!! *ahhh, my loveeee!!!* :) :D I just CANNOT look past a sale and walk away just like that... "sale" to me is like a nice big invitation to a wedding or something(bad comparison, I know! :P)
I love shopping, be it anything.. from stationery to footwear!!! Which is apparently why im here and so are most of you peeps!! ;) right?!
Alrite, so in my blog I wanna share all that I know(and even what im learning :D) to all you ppl and in turn get to learn from you guyz!! :) I'd post about my shopping sprees, my wishlists, product reviews, and well, almost anything and everything under the sun :D!! [nah, not literally! :P but defo not stuff that would bore you! hopefully! :)] Which reminds me, THIS is the reason I chose "corals in a shell" as my blog address... totally random and unique and cuteeeee!!! :) and I even LOVE corals!!! :)

And that's all about my official "first post" :D !!!

I know there are gazillions of AWESOME bloggers out there and I wonder if I'll EVER come upto their level.. but all I know is "I will try my level best"... not only to blog frequently but also to keep you all hooked my my space! :) and yes, I need all of you guys' help for that!! :) bcoz *without YOU all, there's no ME!* :) (nor my blog! :D) 

Well, im outta here now.. Keep tuned it and I will be back in a blink with my next post.. which technically will be my first post.. :P lol, I confused myself now...!! :P Hehehe..

Ciao Guyz!!
Take care.. :) and dont forget to keep on shopping!! ;)

**Mwahhzzz** <3

PS:- Since im an amateur with fashion/beauty blogging... I'd LOVE it if you could drop in some suggestions to me as to what all I could write in my blog and some nice ideas to spice it up!! :) :)

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