Where is our “Diwali”?

Not too long ago, Diwali was one festival which everyone was longing to celebrate. Stocking up crackers, buying heaps of clothes, indulging in jewelry, flooding the markets for the diyas and what not! But now, after 10-12 years, the scenario seems to have changed so much. The enthusiasm of the masses seems to have dipped in cold water. I hardly hear the sounds of crackers leave alone on the days prior to the festival but also on of one of the most colorful festivals, Diwali!!! Its sad, come to think of it... depressing!! I wonder what happened to the “festive mood”?! Where’s the “Diwali” we all used to celebrate once upon a time???!!... *sigh*

Okay, Im made this post for the sole reason that people still aint bursting any crackers!! :P its just a personal rant!! :D

Take care peeps!!
Have a safe and happieeee Diwali!!!