I, Me and HealthKart: Online Shopping Experience

Hello Everyone! :)
So, I did a bit of HAULing... AGAIN!! But this time I shopped online... yes, the "online shopping fever" is spreading like crazy and its bitten me too. Hehe.. :)
Let's face it, this the first time I've ever shopped online(apart from FlipKart, that is.) and HealthKart sure has taken off all my fears of shopping makeup and beauty related products, online. *Gracias HealthKart* :D
I'm sure all of you out there must be knowing HealthKart... and just for those who dont.. HealthKart is an online shopping site which stocks up an array of products ranging from Nutrition to Beauty/Makeup products. So, basically, the site has everything under one roof! :D
>>CLICK HERE<< to go to the site.

My Experience with HealthKart:-

To start with, I placed my order on 24th November(Thursday) at around 8.30 PM and got their confirmation call the next day around 11 AM. I received the package today at around 4 PM, which I must say, is pretty quick!! :) And since I'm new to online shopping, I wanted to keep the amount to a bare minimum.(yes, I'm a li'l phobic when it comes to online shopping... will get over it though. :P)

Here's how it came :)

No coral box :(

One more thing is that, I so badly wanted all these stuff but I was too lazy to get up and go anywhere since I'm having holidays... and getting the stuff you want at your doorstep is like bliss! :D
And navigating through HealthKart was a breeze.. all I had to do was click away to glory.. :D Hehe..!! No, seriously... The layout is real nice at HK.. its super easy to find the stuff you want...!! :)
The only problem I found with my package was that the products were kind of loosely packed... maybe bcoz the stuff I ordered weren't that delicate but even then I expected better packaging, if not the "coral shoe box" thing. (you get me, right?!)

The packaging :(
See what I mean by bad packaging? All the stuff(excluding the Biotique Lip Balm) were wrapped in just around 25-30 cms of bubble wrap and plastered a li'l with their tape.. That's it!!! It does look nicely packed in the picture.. but trust me.. it wasn't!! And as for the Biotique Lip Balm it was just thrown inside the box.. no wrapping nothing.. maybe bcoz it already had the box provided for it.. whatever! The packaging was plain tacky! Thank God, my stuff were intact. :)

Anyway, here's what I bought:-
Sorry for masking out the discount coupon code

Just 4 products.. :D
What I LIKED about the Site:-

That's all. :D

All in all, a great website and I'd definitely shop from them over and over..... and over!!! :) 
What about you? Have you shopped from HealthKart? If yes, I know how how much you love it. *Hi5* :D ... if not, will you? :)

For the NEWBIES:- You can use the coupon code Dhriti986887L83 to get Rs 100 off on a purchase of Rs 500 or more on your first purchase.

See ya'll soon.


** I was offered a discount on my purchase. However that has not affected my review**

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