LUSH goodies me won!!! :) :)

Hey all!! :)

Im super duper excited today... I got my Lush goodies that I'd won last week on the "LUSH LOVE STORY" contest held on Facebook. Well, this is the first LUSH contest I've ever entered and I consider myself damn lucky to have won it at the first attempt, seriously!  ^_^

I got the package today morning and I wasn't sure what the small li'l cute box contained until I saw the write up(or is it an invoice? :P) stating it was from LUSH. I was elated. I just had to open it and see what was inside!! *happy jump* :D

The package: Sorry for masking the address & number out :P
The packaging, I tell you, it was so so sooo cute plus I could see that they had taken extra care so that no damage would be done to the products during transit. The carton was filled with coloured Styrofoam.  *thumps up for that* okay so that was "Cuteness # 1" :D
Cuteness # 2 has to be the the gift wrapped box inside the brown carton. Omg, tooooo damn cute! *no words to explain* ♥♥♥♥♥ It even had this flowery label on which "Buttercup" was printed and the contents of the box(read: my goodies :D) with short descriptions. 

This is how it looked as soon as I cut open the package [can you notice the gift-wrapped box inside? ;)]

The gift-wrapped box... Look at that pretty bow.. wow!! <3

Inside the box were these two li'l cute stuff which I loveeeeeee.
1. Honey I washed the kids soap. (I've used this and always keep coming back to it coz its just SO good! )

From Lush's UK website

2. Butter Ball Bath Bomb (I'd been eyeing this from quite a long time now and it looks like LUSH understood my craving! :D )

Above: My Butter Ball Bath Bomb
Below: From Lush's UK website

Alrite, that's all for now.. :) 


PS:- I still havent ripped open the goodies coz I want to open it just before using it, dont ask me why! :D

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