What I got today :D

I'm very happy today... mainly for 2 reasons...
1. I received the bag I'd ordered from Nitika of The Shopaholic Diaries! and Im so totally in LOVEEEE with it...:D
2. I finally got my Yardley Gift hamper I'd won from Nivedita's giveaway.. :D Weeeeeeeee!!! :) This is her blog >>Beauty at times is skin deep<<

Well, I'd been waiting for the Yardley gift hamper... and I was overjoyed when I saw the package.. :D I immediately ripped open the package.. hehehe... :P
Here's what I got... :)
The package... :D I blocked out the address details :P

Set of 3 Yardley soaps

The soapssssss!!!!!!! :D

As for the bag I placed the order on the 22nd I guess.. and I was actually shocked that I received it this soon..!! Wowieeee!!! :) :) Here's the picture of the bag.... and Nitika, I'll make an outfit post sometime very soon with me holding the bag.. :)
This is the bag... :)

The bag!!!!!! (without flash ^.^)

Look at how cute the heart is!!!!! <3 <3

Thanks a ton Nitika and Nivedita for making my day!!! <3
Love you loads :* :)

Dhritz. :)

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