Best hair trends of 2011

Hey ppl,
Here's an article I just found... I'd love to share it with you all since 2011 is almost near its end... This article deserves a read, I felt.
So here's it for you all. :)

"From braided locks to side-swept buns, we give you the lowdown on some of the most droolworthy looks of the year gone by. Go ahead, flaunt your style

Side-swept hair

One of the simplest and most popular hair styles this year was the side swept do Whether kept open with a side swish like Anushka Sharma's or pulled up in a loose bun a la Bipasha Basu, it was a look that made the wearer do no wrong in the hair department. .

Sleek and shiny

Straight, shiny hair made a comeback this year after losing its allure to curls and waves for the longest time. From the runways to the B-town ladies, it found favour once again on the red carpets worldwide. A good blow dry and shine spray was the secret.


One of the hottest looks of the year, braids made a big comeback across the board. From the fishbraid to the milkmaid braid, you name and we saw it on the swish set. We predict that it's a look that will be carried forward into 2012.


Yet another retro style that proved to be popular with the chiquitas was the easy-peasyponytail. Works especially if you're having a bad hair day, ponytails have evolved from a high knot to a low swung one - the lazy girl's favourite hair style!

The pixie cut

One of the choicest hair styles this year proved to be the Pixie cut. From Emma Watson andMichelle Williams to Carey Mulligan and Kate Winslet, the cut may be low maintenance but is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

Extreme side parts

Retro chic was all the rage this year, and so naturally deep side parts became quite the in thing to do to glam up the vintage vibe. Done up in the flapper finger waves or pin curls style, celebs funked it up with pretty hair accessories."