My small Christmas Haul :)

Heyloooo ppl.. :)

Okay, I haven't really posted anything from a long time(yes, I deserve spankings.. Im sorry :P.. but :( Im not really feeling too good.. blame it on the darned weather! :|)... So yeah, I've just been entering giveaways for the sole reason that I dint want to keep my blog unattended and left to die(LOL, that sounds a bit too dramatic.. I know :P) and also bcoz I love giveaways :)

Anyway, Hope you all had a lovely Christmas... :) ♥

So, on Christmas Eve I went to this place called Kushal's Fashion Jewellery.(the online collections aint really that impressive, but trust me the store is just toooooo good! I just LOVE it!) I *BADLY* wanted to shop jewellery stuff... And also bcoz I'd got this flat 20% discount card from them, which was a b'day discount voucher. Okay, my birthday's still far away.. It was what my mum got.. and obviously for the shopping freak i am, especially when it comes to jewellery.. *sigh* she had to give in.. I snatched the card from her and landed in the store.(Lol, okay.. my mum doesnt wear silver nor artificial stuff.. so it would have been a waste to her anyway :D hehe..)

So, let me cut the babbling and get on to showing you what I bought.. :)

The Silver Pendant:- The oly pure silver item I purchased was this and it was 'love at first sight for me' with this baby... its just so so so damn pretty that I couldnt resist buying it!! Aint she cute? :) :D  
Price:- Rs. 2650

The Silver Pendant
The Owl Necklace:- Okay yes, I know I've bought this is toooo very late... but then, I dint want to make do with any owl necklace I come across just bcoz its in vogue. I was waiting for the perfect Owl to come to me, and here it is! Love. Lust. Drool. *no words* I love love it.  ♥ ♥
Price: Rs. 180. (Yes, its dirt cheap considering the fact that it is an OWL necklace. ;) :D) 

The Owl Necklace

The Black Butterfly Earrings:- I can now, officially, say that no haul of mine is complete without something thats a  "butterfly" ..!! I'm like the biggest fan of butterflies, so how can I be expected not to pick up this cute pair of earrings?! ;)  ♥ ♥
Price:- Rs. 280
Black Butterfly Earrings.

The Cute Flower Bracelet:- This was the first thing I saw and well, dropped the idea of buying it(God knows why!) but this baby kept pulling towards it.. I revisited the entrance thrice just to see it which is when I got to know I had to pick it up! *happiness*
Price:-Rs. 130 (and this again makes me wonder why I didnt get my hands on it as soon as I saw it..*rolleyes*)

Alright, as I told you this was a discount voucher for my mum's b'day... So she deserves a gift right?! Yes, I was surprised when I was given a blue gift wrapped present. I was told that it was for the one lady who's b'day it was. :) :) I was pleasantly happy then and promptly gave mum the present when I got back home. Well, she opened it but she was like "you'll look better with this!". So yeah, even this is MINE now.. Hehehe.. *greedy me* :P So here it is.....

A Metallic Copper-ish Golden clutch :) very pretty! [somehow the cam didnt catch the colors too well.. :(  I can oly see blingy blingy gold in the picture.. sorry :(]

And since I was at the mall, I couldn't help stop by TBS. Yes yes, I know Body Shop does tempt all of us... and I somehow always manage to succumb to the temptation. :P
And the Limited Edition Christmas collections seriously did not do anything good to my pocket.. But hey, how can I forget guilty pleasure I got out of it?! :D

So, here's what I got...(and I intend to make one more trip to TBS :p bcoz the Christmas collection is too very alluring. :| )
Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm(Review coming up)

Cranberry Joy Shimmer Body Lotion(Will review it soon)

Sweet Lemon Hand Cleanse Gel(yes, I shall review it too. I sure will.)

Well, that's all there is in my small little haul. :)
Hope you liked it and if you want me to review any of it first.. do let me know. :)

Love you all..
Mwahhhzzz   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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