I, Me and Style Craze: Online Shopping Experience

Hey All! :) Its been SOOO long and I feel home, finally! God, I so badly missed writing all these days. What the hectic life, busy schedules and to top it all bad weather does to you. *sigh*

Anyway, I shopped with Style Craze and I just wanted to give you my take on it. Yes, I know 99.99% of you all would have definitely hauled stuff from Style Craze.. especially during their big bang year end sale. Or even before that. :D So, I'm not writing much "about the site" but I'd wanna share my experience with them.
Well, I cant call what I bought a "haul" coz I just bought 2 products.. both from Nyx! Well, I mainly to give the site a try and I'm really glad I dint buy too many stuff. :D Will tell you why in a bit. :P

What the site claims?

What I bought:-
What I ordered :P
My experience with the site:-

Frankly, I'm quite disappointed wither their service. Why? First of, I ordered on the 31st of December 2011 and got the package 2 days back! Super duper slow! And apart from that, I got the confirmation mail on the 3rd of January i.e 3 days after I ordered and even that wasn't smooth. I got a call saying they've received my order of the same products TWICE(shocking! Why would I ever do a mistake like that??!! I DID NOT!) and I had to get the 2nd order cancelled. And then I got a confirmation mail and next, got my package.. well, after a good 13 days! :X
Aside of that, even though the order was small, both of the products were very well packaged- tightly wrapped in bubble wrap with lots of thermocol. Very securely packed. I liked it. :)
Well, they live upto almost(!) al their claims which is a good thing.
But I still expected better service. *sigh*

What I like about Style Craze...
  1. Awesome and compact packaging.
  2. Authentic products indeed.
  3. Easy Navigation throughout the site.
  4. Prompt reply.
  5. The brands that they stock upon is something I really very good. Especially hair instruments. :D
  6. Exciting offers most of the times! *tempted* :D
What I dont like...
  1. False claims. 3 day shipping is a little too much I'd ask for IFF I ever order from them again, that is! :P
  2. I dint find any other cons with the site.
Would I purchase from Style Craze again?

Maybe I'd give the site another shot.. LAST one and if the same thing or anything similar repeats I'd bid adeiu to the site.

Would I reccommend? 

Well yeah... but at your own risk!! :P Okay, I'm not making it sound bad.. But delay is a bad thing that's all.. if its okay with you then go for it.. its a great site! :)

My rating:- 3.5/5 :P

PS:- I purposely waited patiently without contacting them about the delay since I wanted to check how far it would go on with the hold-up of delivery. And.... they failed me. :(

Anyways, here's something for you all... :D

Oh btw, I did a bit of HAULing again.. would put up pictures soon. :)
Aaaaaaand.. oooooohhhhh!!! I'M WAITINGGGGG FOR MY FIRST EVER BLISSCOVERED BOX!!!!! *dance* :D :D .. "Come to me baby, soon soooooooon" :P Lol, I sound crazy.. I'd better crash.. :D

Take care
Love ya'll! :)

XOXO ♥ ♥ ♥

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