A bit of nostalgia.....

Okay, its the second day of 2012 now and I have to say I’m really excited, not just because its the new year but also because “2012” and yeah, I’m a bit scared as well. :P Hehehe..

Anyway.. I was sitting and thinking about how 2011 was for me and how I’ll make “my” 2012.(yes, I took a resolution! :P and you will know what it is soon :P)
So, 2011 to me was pretty fine. On a very serious note, I feel 2011 was the year that passed most swiftly. :O It was like “Happy 2011 and the next day, bye bye 2011” to me! :O But hey, it wasn't another one of those years which was all boring and worthless. No wait, there were some things that actually made it BIG in 2011... Like “Why This Kolaveri Di..”, the “online shopping craze” and me FINALLY starting a blog. :D

Going back into time.. Yes, it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve joined the blogospere and I have to tell you... it really feels GOOD! I basically started my blog to vent out all my emotions and rambling about beauty, makeup, food, fashion etc., just lightens my mood(I’m going through a somewhat bad phase) and helps me take on the world as a confident girl that I am! :) Not to mention loads of blogs out there which have inspired me a lot. And also, I've come across such nice people. And I feel "home" whenever I come to my blog or talk to all my blogging-mates. :) I may not be able to mention them all but here are a few of them who've been my sole inspiration to start up "Corals in a Shell'. :)
[And that makes it TWELVE. But to be very frank, these were the only few I could remember as of now. I love tons of blogs and I draw inspiration from all of it and it would make this post SUPER long if I jotted down all of them. So, sorry if I haven't mentioned yours. :( ]

Lastly, the only thing that I’m not too proud of is me not blogging as much I wanted to. But I’m going to make sure, I don’t have any such regrets again. Yeah, that’s my New Year resolution: Blogging almost every other day! :) :D and I’m going to call it “my blogging goal for 2012” :D
Isn't she super cute?? :)

Happy New Year to you all once again. And hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2012!
Love you loads.