I'm still alive.....

After about 2 months - no wait, 53 days to be precise – of me “disappearing” from my blog have I realized WHAT I was missing out on. Not that I vanished intentionally but I just needed some time for myself, and try sorting things out a little. Yes, I’ve had a huge emotional turmoil from the past few days. Months, even. But as they say, Life goes on.......(okay, that just reminded me of Backstreet Boys’ song “Show me the meaning of being lonely” :P) But you get the drift right?! I was just too messed up to even act normal, leave alone blog! (Lol, That was a bit too much of exaggeration, but I don’t mind :D)

So now, I’m on the verge of backing myself up and being the brave little girl that I’ve always been. And how? By reading blogs and books, of course! Books apart, I was trying to explore the blogosphere a slight more than I’d ever done. And I must say, I found a few blogs that have impressed me to a great extent. Yup, I followed, subscribed, and liked their pages straight away. (Forgetting is a big problem, you see.) Also, the blogs I read has paved way for one major question in my mind, “Why did I start blogging in the first place”? Yeah, I was reading a lot of beauty and fashion as well as lifestyle blogs before I initially started off, but WHY “Corals in a Shell”? I was thinking so hard on it thinking all kinds of things like “Fashion blogging is cool”, “I’ve always loved makeup and skincare so, a beauty blog is the best idea” and so on. But that wasn’t the answer the answer to my question. It’s just plain, old “self-expression” that drove me towards starting my blog. That is precisely why Corals in a Shell came into existence. And no one except me(or maybe anyone else who was or is in my position) will get to know how comforting it is to have a space of your OWN to vent out all your feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, interests or anything else under the sun. Honestly, writing is the best medicine for any syndrome, imo. (Provided you don’t start wailing and soaking your keyboard/paper in a desperate attempt to write your grief away. :P Your readers would think you’re suffering from Maniac Depressive Disorder then. Hehehe *chuckle*) Oh wow, this reminds me one of my favourite quotes...

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. - E. L. Doctorow 

Okay, I guess I have had my fair share of ranting now. So, I’d better be off before I get chappals or bricks thrown at my face asking me to shut up. :P
So, adios guys...... And here’s something for ya’ll to beat the terrible heat(hey, that rhymed! :D)

Yay. :D

Cheeeeeeeeeeeerssssssss!!!!!!!!!! \m/
(Oh! Thats a Mojito, btw! Yes, I love it and I doubt you don’t. Well, atleast its soooo appetizing especially during summers, like NOW!!) *wipes sweat off forehead turns on the AC* :D

Cya all.

PS:- Eiks! Holy crap!! :O I've wasted waaaaaaaaay toooooooo much time online..{Google, damn you! You always screw my time when I'm trying to study plus you dont even sit next to me during exams!!:( :X} I forgot I have my final practical exam tomorrow!! Oh.My.God. Help meeeeeee!!!!! :( :(

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