Love fades.........

Today was just one of those days where I felt I wanted to pen down something. Something that I've longed to express from quite a while now. And what better way than through a poem? :)
I'm a 100% amateur when it comes to poems, but like I say always, "Blogging and Self-Expression are intertwined" (at least when it comes to me :D)... So, here goes nothing... :)
[PS:- Please don't be harsh on me.. I will make all efforts to improve.. *pinky promise* ^.^]


Over the rainbow, under the sun,
It’s still there where it all begun.
And, I sigh.

No sign of hope, no sign of future,
Is this all love had to me to offer?
So I think.

Pondering over endless thoughts
Was it only lies that I had bought?
I flinch.

Questions through a deranged state of mind,
Whose answers I shall never find.
And, I wince.

Feelings shattered, heartbroken,
But spirit still high and unshaken.
I smile.

What if things could be turned around?
What if my joy could still be found?
I wonder.

I try giving myself another chance
And this time I take a more positive stance 
And, I beam.

Yes, I knew I could do it.
I knew this had to be fixed.
So, I move on.

A happy soul with a happy mind,
I look into the memories left far behind.
I laugh.

For all I know, love is a part of life,
Never your life.
And I realize.
Love fades....

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

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