Surprise surprise! ^_^

Not a wink of sleep from the past 29 hours(now: 36 hours). I come home at 6 PM, all tired with no energy left in me to even go brew myself a cup of hot green tea! (Yup, hot tea in SUMMER because it finally rained today and it did become a little cold then :P *It's back to )
I plonk myself on the sofa, thinking, "Oh my God, I'm done with both my psychology papers.. Wow!"
Still exhausted, I manage to walk around and there on the centre table I see a very cute pink and girlie envelope with my name written on it. I instantly brighten up. And very carefully open the envelope, and what do I get out of it? A very very VERY pretty personalized card with good wishes written inside from Sakshi of I am elated, and for a few moments there I almost completely forget all my fatigue, headache, and the likes and read the card again and again, flipping it back and forth, just looking at it admiringly, telling myself, "Oh, how lovely it is!" :)

Front of the envelope
Back of the envelope(pretty polka, aint it?!)
The card!!! <3 <3 (front: roses; back: polkas)
The note!!!! <3 <3 Sooooooo sweeeeeeet!! :) :)

Awesome isn't it??? I'm in LOU with it!! *keeps in safe in folder* :D

How did I get it? I just requested for it. As simple as that! It was another Wistful Wednesday and I just got on Girly's FB page and found the WW post was on, so I promptly commented, and was asked to write a mail to her with my address. I did. And today, I got! 
[It was much needed too today, by the way. Lovely timing. :)]

Me loves Girlyhour because:
  • Girlyhour is one of my most favourite blogs ever since.
  • Girlyhour is PINK. Love love love!! <3
  • I love the way Sakshi, aka Girly writes. It's really quirky with all those word breakages. Creative to the core!
  • All her posts are super interesting.
  • And now, I have fallen in love with her handriting too. :) It's so elegant.

 Have you also got a note from her WW? If yes, yay! If not, go for it, I'm sure you wont regret.


PS:- I just have to crash now. Lots to do tomorrow, no today.*eep* It's going to be one busy day, for sure.
So off for now. Goodnight. And take care. :)

And THANKS A MILLION, SAKSHI. :) :) Mwah! <3

Oozing awwwwwwness! :D