Happiness Unlimited :)

It has been long, I know! Honestly, I'm just relaxing a bit now as my exams are all done and I'm free, free, freeeee! :D And yeah, I'm kind of taking a break! But I have a few small little things working in my favour  lately. And it definitely is making me quite happy.*touch wood*
You want to know?
Well, the major thing is that I'm following my passion, "writing"! Yup, I've always loved writing and I'm trying to put my holidays into good use. Poems, prose, stories apart, I've got myself a really good opportunity to do something I've never ever done before. Deepika Gill from Deepika Designs has given me a chance to write "Product Descriptions" for her products and I'm more than just glad to be associated with DD. :)
A little bit about her.. (because I adore you so much! <3)
Basically, Deepika is a Delhi based jewelry designer who specializes in handmade and customized jewelry. Her STORE has an array of exquisite jewelry products. Words will seriously not do justice for the stuff she creates.(yup, it's all handmade and made with lots of LOVE!) You HAVE to look at her store to know how good the creations actually are. Seeing is believing, after all! ;) right?! Apart from that, she really is an amazing person!! Now, that we're pretty much at close quarters, I know how passionate she's about her work and more than that, how dedicated she's towards what she's doing. She's one of the sweetest persons I've come across in the "net" world. 
"Deepika, I've always loved jewelry but you've taken my to much greater heights now. You're truly an inspiration to me. Plus, I still cannot thank you enough for the opportunity. I will always love you for this! :)", says me! :D

Okay, here's something that has made me jump and scream with joy.. Thank youuuuu again!! :)
My name featured on DD facebook page
And guys, don't forget to check out her Signature collection and the super cool offers, discounts and giveaways she'll be running till the 23rd of May. :)

Secondly, I'm also very much happy because I've finalised an outline to my short story after racking my brains completely! :D (Hey, no it wasn't that hard :P . And details about this later.)

And third, I received books!!!!!!!! I love reading and I always say that books are your best friends as they are with you during your highs and lows.So, I'm immensely happy about receiving the books. *Thank you loads* :)

Lastly, I finally went shopping. :D :D Yes, that makes me very very happy!!!!!! And for the first time in history I haven't shopped like a maniac getting my hands on almost everything I spot. I was a sensible shopper this time. *Yay me* :D
Sunday Soul Sante was on yet again and I mainly went there to have my dose of window shopping - which I obviously had - but ended up buying a few small little cute things too. :)

Paper Earrings - Rs. 150/- per pair *aint the earring holder pretty?!* [Ananyah]

Brass and wooden Bangles - Rs. 360/- approx [Stylite]

Wired wooden Bangles- Rs. 180/- per pair [Eesha Zaveri]

Handmade envelope and bookmark [Unnamed stall]
Contact cards for reference

I loved the stuff and I'm also very happy with how my life is going as of now, by God's grace. :)

And on that note, I'm off to sleep. 
Goodnight and take care. :)

PS:- The post is long, I know. Couldn't help it. :( Hope you don't sleep off while reading. :P

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