5 instant mood lifters.Blog Marathon Post 3.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody. No, I’m not talking about the age old classic T-shirt quote “Nobody is perfect and I am nobody”. I’m just being very straight. Everyone has their fair share of ups and downs in life, mood swings, emotional variations et cetera. While some days you’re extremely happy, the other days you might be equally depressed. Happens, because that is what we call “LIFE”. When you’re feeling all low at times, you experience a surge of emotions within you. While some people handle it in a positive way, some others fail to do so. Or even if you are someone who does take things more optimistically, you might sometimes feel your mood going out of control. And that’s when you need some basic mood pick-ups. Best part, all these take less than 10 minutes.

This has always worked out for me and I hope it will help you too.

1.       Chocolate.
Don’t worry, a tiny piece of chocolate will not harm your diet. In fact, researches have proved that a certain amount of chocolate is necessary for your body, even if you’re dieting. And I was amazed when I read once that around 4 pieces of chocolate(regular sized.. like say, your Cadbury Diary Milk bar) if included in your diet can actually help you cut down weight. Apart from that chocolate contains serotonin which helps relieve stress, thereby bringing down your irritability or frustration. Plus, many people swear by chocolates when they are stressed. So, you see it’s psychological as well. :)

2.       Walk.
Nature is therapeutic and nothing beats it more than open air or open spaces. The freshness of the air, the gushing wind, sweet smelling flowers, greenery, the sky, the clouds – everything. It could be at a park, poolside, your terrace or any place where you’re sure you won’t be disturbed. Take a 5-10 minute walk outside and I’m pretty sure you will not just relaxed but even more receptive. Even if you’re working, you always have a break in between, spare 5 minutes of it for yourself – just you and the nature. Simple.

3.       Music.
Definitely, one of the fastest mood lifters, this. A song of 3-5 minutes is all it takes to set right your mood. Play your favourite track, listen to it, hum along, sway your head, and dance if you want or if you can sing or play an instrument, do it! Do whatever it takes for you to ENJOY the music, feel it completely and before you know it, you’ll be a lot happier than you were 10 minutes back.

4.       Tea.
Green tea works the best, I tell you! It not only has anti-oxidant properties but it also the fastest to make. Plus, it’s totally healthy. No sugar, no milk – all you need is a cup of hot water and tea bag and 2 minutes in your hand, nothing else and it’s ready. Yes, it sure does taste wierd initially but you will get used to it very soon. Or if it’s summer and you cannot drink piping hot tea, then iced green tea works just as good. And for those who detest green tea, black tea can be a fair alternative.

5.       Talk.
Some people love being alone when they’re low and the others experience an uncontrollable urge to talk. Well, even if the urge is controllable it’s always a good option to talk with someone you like/trust a lot because if so happens that when you share your grief or issues with someone, you not only find an answer to your dilemma but you will even a lot better. But yes, talk to someone whom you’re sure will LISTEN to you, not bash you or say you’re stupid. You don’t want your 5 minute talk to go waste – or worse – get  you all the more irritated, do you?!

And if all else fails, MEDITATE. Connect with your soul for 4-5 minutes, find the inner peace and you’re refreshed, rejuvenated and as happy as you can be.

If this worked for you as well, do write back to me.

Smile and face the world with positivity. Most importantly, be yourself! :)

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