An attempt at Marathon Blogging. (Blog Marathon Post 1)

Okay first of, I regret not writing here from, you can say, 'Oh so long!". Why? I myself am unsure of that. Not that I did not have any time on my hands to not write, I had an ample amount of time(except the last month, of course since my cousins were over after ages!) Can I say I was a little lazy? Well, honestly.. yes. :( But just a teeny weeny bit and I even tweaked my ear for that. *Ouch* :P

All that apart, starting from today I'm taking part in this. It's a blogging marathon and I'll be posting continuously the whole of this month. Sounds simple, I know.
And how I got to know about NaBloPoMo, you ask?! I'd say, it was through Preeti Shenoy's blog. Yes, THE author Preeti Shenoy. :)

Hope these 30.. Err, 31 days go well for me and hope you will all like my posts. And no, I wouldn't add in any filler posts because I love putting in my heart and soul in whatever I do and filler posts just WONT do the trick!

So here goes my first ever blog-a-thon post. It's a poem I wrote. :)


Photo Courtesy: Mushtaq Hussain

Sparks of ember,
Burning bright.
The unseen darkness
Away from the light.

Half scalded, half alive
Bits of yellow and chunks of red
Ablaze, it was once radiant
Now it’s just about to be dead.

The hot coal, a sign of life
 With an endeavour to dazzle.
Moments of glow, moments of pride
All pass away; existence a hassle.

Matter of seconds
And it all dies down,
All that remains is the ash,
Waiting to be blown.

Frail is life, not our thoughts
Strong within and yearning.
Taking a deep breath I now see,
Life’s all that’s worth smiling!

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

PS: No, I ain't quitting beauty blogging. :P :)

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