Bottle of love. Blog Marathon Post 14.

I had no intentions of writing a poem today. But a real good friend of mine requested for a love poem, so I did write one. Hope you like it. :)


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A closed box it was
Neatly wrapped with pink paper
With bows made out of
Satin ribbons, edges tapered.

I wonder what it is
So neatly covered, so full of love.
I smile looking at the package
And hear my heart say, “Open it now!”

I listen to my inner voice
And very carefully un-wrap the gift
It is a bottle, of champagne
With a love note inside of it.

I read it, blushing.
“My dear, for all the love you have given me,
I had to get you something, special.
So here it is, open it and see.”

I uncork the bottle, but it is empty.
Surprised I upturn the bottle and in my hand,
Drops a beautiful solitaire ring with a tag on it saying,
“I love you. Could we both get together and create our very own fairyland?”

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

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