Bubble wraps - Like or Dislike? Blog Marathon Post 10.

Not that I was running out of ideas, but I just wanted to give this a try too. As you all know, I have been on a blogging marathonchallenge by NaBloPoMo. Although there are ready prompts for every day, I chose to write independently. But the topic for today was far too interesting to brush it off. So I decided I’d make a post on the topic for the day.

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Haven’t we all played with bubble wrap when we were kids?! However old you are, you will definitely not be oblivious of what bubble wraps are. They’re one of the best things ever happened to kill time, without getting bored in my opinion!

I remember as a kid, when the elders shopped for whatever they wanted, all I was interested was in the transparent(or sometimes even colored) sheets of plastic wraps with those small little air-filled buttons waiting to be popped! To be very frank, that was all that excited me when the adults shopped and talked and did everything a normal adult would do! These cute little things were not just used as I way to pass time, but the ‘tap tap’ sounds that were produced at the bursting of every bubble were so totally enjoyable. I would sit by myself, or sometimes, with friends popping these bubbles one by one starting from the first bubble on the first line. Yes, exactly the way to write in your books. One after the other, every bubble was drained of the all air contained inside them. There were times when some bubbles did not have the air inside of them, which somehow annoyed me and I have tried shifting the air in the next bubble into it just to make it pop. And there were times when a bubble was overloaded with air that the moment I touched it, it would immediately burst open. And after I thought I’d finished the whole sheet, I would wring it tight just to check if I’d left any bubble un-popped. And I always used to get amazed as I could hear a minimum of a dozen ‘pop’ sounds every time I wrung it.

Come to think of it, popping the bubble wraps are rarely done alone. It is addictive; it attracts people to you. You just cannot keep your hands off when someone is popping the bubbles in the wrap. Everybody wants not just their share of popping in the sheet, but a chance to pop the whole sheet out. And even to this the situation remains the same. Be it my mom – who by the way has always been around me when I’m popping the bubbles trying to pop out some of it herself – or dad or anyone else for that matter, enjoy the whole “popping” activity.

Nowadays, since the “online shopping” fever is rampant, you can get your hands on a good load of these bubble wraps, which a nice thing I have to say! You don’t have to go searching for these as they’re delivered to your doorstep. :))

Researches haven proven that, the way you ‘pop’ shows how stressed you are.  Popping slowly one after the other highlights the fact that you are relaxed and wringing the whole sheet at one go can be evidence for the fact that you are stressed out. Of course, this might not always hold true but somewhere it does have some amount of truth in it. It maybe an indication, after all, since this “popping” exercise is considered a stress buster.

Did you love popping bubble wraps as much as I did(do), too? If yes, let me know your experiences with fun little things. :)

Keep smiling. :)

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