A change. Blog Marathon Post 13.

Whoever said 13 was an unlucky number. It isn’t! At least not for me. Most of the good things that happen in my life are either on the 13th or anywhere around it.

In this instance, I was feeling very motivated 2 days back and I had channelize the positive energy and make the most of it. So, without thinking too much(as opposed the normal ‘me’) I joined a Yoga class, near my place. Why Yoga of all when you can actually learn it at home you think?! For one, Yoga is something I haven’t done in a long time and even though I can exercise for a good one hour, there was something missing that I could get only through Yoga. And that’s ‘flexibility’! Most gym exercises do not tone your body the flexibility that it needs no matter what work-out you’re doing. Yes, it might be the best exercise and may give you a toned figure/physique in a lesser amount of time as compared to Yoga. But flexibility?! No, no and no!!

Honestly, since its vacations for me, I have plenty of time on my hands to do whatever I want. But sadly, I haven’t put my holidays to use very wisely. All I have done is laze around, eat, sleep and of course, sit online for hours together! All this was getting into me making me feel all lethargic and when I was walking up from the library the other day, a thought crossed my mind, “if not now, then, WHEN???!!!!” That was an ‘Aha’ moment for me! “Self realization,” with a lot of help from my friend, Deepika Gill, as well. And not to mention a few others who have constantly motivated me in almost everything I do.

So, now with the change of routine, (yes, I’m actually waking up at 5! Unbelievable but true!), I’m feeling so much more calm, composed and energized. I feel so full of life after 2 months of sedentary lifestyle! Plus, the morning air, so pure and cold and the serene(well,  almost serene. I live in Bangalore, you see!) It feels as though I’m in a plane of tranquillity. So very peaceful it is.

And apart from the Yoga, I even walk on my terrace nowadays and after that, my day goes so well. I cannot put that wonderful feeling in mere words. You need to experience it to feel it.

So, here’s how my mornings go these days.

On waking up at 5, I get fresh and run to my Yoga class. The class starts at 6 and it’s a one hour session. I walk back home from the class and refresh myself for half an hour, i.e., till around 7.30. Next I walk for an hour’s time(on the terrace, I said so) and at 8.30 I’m back home for breakfast and the like. And then on I curl up with a book, make cards, write stuff, go over to the library, or go out with friends, well, anything that I feel like doing.

The best thing about all of this is, I have SO much time on my hands and it feels amazing. I never thought 24 hours in a day would ever be enough. I constantly cribbed on where the time went, why a day has only 24 hours and things like that. I now have the answers to all my questions!

Benefits of Yoga:
Yoga has numerous health benefits:
- For healthy bones, muscles, and joints
- Yoga strengthen your feet, legs, hands, and abdominals, lower back, legs, and shoulders.
- Yoga’s improve your flexibility, helping joints, tendons, and muscles stay limber.
Cardiovascular Benefits of Yoga
People suffering from hypertension can benefit from yoga tremendously, as hatha yoga can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
Yoga benefits mental health
- Yoga reduces anxiety and stress, resulting in better health, better mood, and better concentration throughout the day.
- Yoga has been used to help treat a wide variety of emotional and mental disorders, including acute anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Take care.
Keep smiling! :)

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