Childhood indeed was sweet. Blog Marathon Post 24.

When I was a child,
I adored the life of adulthood,
To quit school and start working as early as possible,
Was constantly searching for answers that the adults knew,
To throw away the uniforms and get into colourful clothes,
To be the person everyone listened to,
In a sentence, I always had the urge to grow up soon.

But now that I’m ‘grown up’ enough,
I feel I shouldn’t have been here at all.
I think life then was way better than now,
So carefree, easy and simple.
What I imagined to be a pool of clear water
Has become more or less quick sand
Pulling me deep down as I manage to back myself up.

The era of childhood was the best – and it will continue to be. Memories once created can never be erased so easily. There is no magic eraser to rub out memories. I am now nostalgic and I wish for those days to come back as badly as I wanted them to go away back then. But I know this is a futile attempt. Instead its way better to ‘relive’ those moments and go on with life that has been gifted to us.  There is a child in each of us and awakening that child from time to time will definitely make everyone feel a lot nicer.

On that note, I’m off to sleep. (Yes, I will dream sweet and hope you too do so.)
And if you any of your childhood experiences/memories to share, you're welcome. :)

Good night.
Keep smiling. :)

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