Dream big and LIVE it. Blog Marathon Post 5.

Everyone talks about dreams. No, I ain’t talking about the ‘mostly-unrealistic’ dreams you get in the night. I’m talking about the ones you get when you’re wide awake. The dreams that will either make or break you.

Now, we are don’t want to talk about the one’s that break you. Instead, we are listing the 3 primary things that you will need to kick off to achieve your goals, to fulfil your dreams and be happy in life.

1) Pessimism:- Kill, Kill, KILL it! There should be zero amount of pessimism if you’re striving to do something, worthwhile. Or if you’re chasing your dream. Pessimism pulls you down completely. It drains out all the positive energy in you and creates a rock solid barrier between you and your dream. So, stay away from pessimists and if you’re pessimistic yourself, CHANGE! Become optimistic and you’re a step closer to your dream already.
How to get over it? Convert every “I can’t do it”, “This isn’t my cup of tea”, into “I can do it!”, “This is cakewalk!” As soon as you wake up in the morning, utter the magical words, “Today is MY day. I can do it!” :) Simple as that! YOU need to build the confidence within you to succeed, to accomplish your dreams.

2) Fear:- Another negative emotion that eats you up from the inside is fear. Yes, anxiety to some extent is needed but when the anxiety becomes uncontrollable, it turns into fear. Whatever your dream is, however it is, it is YOURS so there is absolutely no reason for you to get scared about. Fear generally springs from thinking about failure. But since it is your ‘dream’, even if you fail once, twice or thrice or many more times you will have the courage to make a fresh attempt. It all depends on how dedicated you are towards your dream and how much of perseverance you have.
How to get over it? Failure is the stepping stone to success. You will fall, but you will have to pick yourself up and walk some more to reach your destination. “Try, try and try until you succeed,” as the spider says! Repeat “I’m not afraid, this is easy!” Confidence is the key!

3) Naggers:- They are the biggest hindrances in any one who’s trying to give color to their dreams. While ‘pessimism’ and ‘fear’ are inward influences, ‘naggers’ are outward influences which makes it all the more horrible. As a fact, negative feeling like pessimism and fear more often than not stem from these ‘naggers’. They work on your innermost emotions and shake you hard. So much so that you could even deter from your dreams thinking you’re incapable and other such things. Simply put, they can break, no, shatter you completely if you’re not strong enough.
How to get over it? Only way to handle this is by IGNORING the naggers. Don’t even pay heed to what they say and take all their criticisms as ‘positive’ ones and shape yourself up accordingly. Every successful person has at least one hater behind him/her.  Don’t let the haters decide how your life is going to be. Stand up for yourself, follow your dream and when you accomplish something, trust me, you will be elated.

Yes, I have a dream myself and I'm not going to let any of these factors affect me as I follow my dream, my passion! And it shouldn't get into you neither. Stand up for yourself. Most importantly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! And you will definitely succeed.

Good luck and hope all your dreams come true.

Keep smiling! :)

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