Experience speaks volumes. Blog Marathon Post 22.

“I have given people the right to walk away from my life at any point of time if they wish to do so.”

Heard this line anywhere, anytime?! If you have and you have nodded your head in approval to it, then think again, do you truly and completely agree with the quotation? Is it really all right if someone does that to you at any point of time?

Most of you who are called ‘normal’ by the human standards will not be okay with this. So then, what can be done to those who walk away but come back to you, if at all they do?!

Let’s just take an example. (which by the way is a true story)

What happens when friends, you can say BFFs, walk away from you life just like that?

Do you cry continually? Or do you put on a brave front, brush it off as though nothing ever happened?

Well, you may do both. Different reactions in different circumstances, of course. Because you cannot(or should I say, shouldn’t) project yourself t o be the cry baby to the outside world. It makes you vulnerable that way. So you take your own sweet time to come out of the hurt you’ve experienced. And then what?! The person just becomes a memory to you with the love and attachment you had towards them waning away. And then your life gets back to normal and you’re on the right track again. You don’t care anymore for the reason that you now know life isn’t just about someone. It’s your life and you lead it on your terms, not by who likes you, dislikes you or walks in and out of your life. This is when you come to realize the quotation you read at the beginning of this article. So, now you’re much stronger than before as you have learnt your lesson.

But what do you do when the person whom you’d lost contact with and thought would never come back to you, materializes in front of you(or in this generation, maybe give you a call/text) saying you should still be friends with them.

How do you react to such situations? (Do tell me. :) )

If you ask me, I’d say, I will speak to them since I believe everyone makes mistakes – and there is no smoke without fire, you may have hurt them too – and it takes a lot of guts to make the first move especially if you’ve “fought” with each other. And when the other person is doing it, you can’t throw brickbats at them. (Yes, I’m egoistic but only at times when I’m very deeply hurt) I’d rather forgive and forget whatever happened because at the end of the day, the more you think of the unpleasant memories, the more it will eat you up.

Talk to them. Become friends again, the way you were before. And be happy – I shall say. Because you have already been bitten once and if the incident repeats, I’m very sure you won’t feel THAT bad again as you’ve already been through it once.

Keep smiling. :) and bring a smile on others’ faces as well.

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