Happy birthday Papa. :) Blog Marathon Post 27.

So, it's the 27th of July again! Which means it's my dad's birthday!!!! Yippie!! :)
And for the first time after many years he's had a silent birthday with no cake nor party poppers. :)
But he did 3 shirts(courtesy: mom), all which he loved completely and din't stop staring nor admiring! Yes, all our mirrors were so busy today! :D

Anyway, I wrote a poem for him, printed and gave it to him. :) and I'm pretty sure he's going to treasure it forever! )Okay, the 'metaphorical' forever since I have always believed 'forever' does not exist in any living creatures dictionary! :))

Happy b'day Papa! (2012)

Here's the poem in words:

You are a lion.
A roaring, determined lion.
Never faltering, ever satisfied
You shine like a star, so bright.

A shooting star you are
We wished for, and you came to us.
You are our pillar of strength,
And a cause of happiness, whom we trust.

So today is your day your day
Of laughter, delight and enjoyment,
Without which you would be incomplete
Yes! It’s your birthday; live it and love it!

Balloons, poppers and cake
Isn’t all that a birthday is about.
Not when you can make a silent one
The best and the most memorable throughout.

“I can see that cute smile on your face now. Nice, we like it!
Happieeeeeeeee birthday papaaaa!!! Uummaaa!!”

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

PS:- Because he's a Leo by his sun sign. :) :D

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