Here today, gone tomorrow. Blog Marathon Post 2.

I am back again today. No, I don’t want to make this Blog Marathon another futile attempt at me writing. No way! So here I go with the post of the day.

Anyway, I was just wondering for a while as to why people get into someone’s life, become such an integral part in their lives and disappear just like that and when you think they are gone forever, *tadaaa* they reappear! (This is a true story paraphrased, by the way. And it's about two best friends.)

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Sometimes, it so happens that you tend to get too very close to someone you like a lot, be it friends, relatives or anyone for that matter. You do all the things with them that you never even imagined you’d do with anyone. You spend the time of your lives with them. Fun and frolic, sharing and caring, tears and anger – your relationship with them involves everything, maybe a lot more too. You feel as though you are on cloud nine and nothing can pull you down. And the best part being the other person is just as happy as yourself around you. Most of all, you feel comfortable with them. So comfortable that you are able to trust them with your deepest and darkest secrets. Doesn’t all this sound like a fairytale? But hey, not all fairytales actually have a happy ending.

The friendship/relationship somehow breaks and you cry, you weep but nothing can heal your wounded heart. Slowly, you buck yourself up and come to terms with reality – that the person is no more a part of your life. You hurt but you get on with your life trying to forget all the bitter-sweet memories. Time passes and all of a sudden one day you get a message/call from that person. You are happy, no doubt but the brain is such that it tries all kinds of permutations and combinations so as to find one possibility why they could be back into your life. You talk to them casually but isn’t trust is like a mirror – once broken can never be fixed? IT IS! But if you want to forget the past and focus more on the present, just let it go. ‘Forgive and forget’ is the best mantra for life. And as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or the other by your actions/words, it’s all fair. They hurt you, you strike back at them. Now, they talk to you themselves, it’s perfectly alright to be friends again. (If you want to, that is!) Letting your ego do things for you more often than not, is destructive! And if they want to walk away from your life yet again, they absolutely can because by this time you’d have already learnt the lesson you had to.

If this has ever happened with you, you can relate to this. :) 

Take care.
Good night.

PS:- My current mood relates to this song and so does this blog post. "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry. The lyrics are beautiful, I must say! :)

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