It’s all in the mind. Blog Marathon Post 21.

First off, I am NOT a person who likes routines. I loathe them for the fact. But somewhere I believe routines do help n disciplining your life and once your body clock(especially for the sleep cycle) gets used to a particular time, it’s next to impossible to break away from it and still be cheerful all day long.

I was thinking it was only the food and sleep that matters to a person when it comes to the body clock and its timings, but I was wrong. Exercise matters too. And Yoga in particular because Yoga doesn’t just act as fitness and toning means but also works on your mind and soul. It brings about the inner peace in you and THAT is something your body starts yearning in time. Well, in just around a week’s time, I have gotten so connected to it that today, when I woke up at 5 AM(to be frank, my mind kicked me out of sleep mode without an alarm) I realized I did not have class today and I could sleep some more. And some more sleep I did, but with a cost of course. Nothing comes free in life after all. For those who’re wondering why I’m talking about Yoga, read this post of mine where I spoke about me taking up Yoga.

My day started late, I felt lethargic all through, ate less, felt irritable at the slightest of things and the like. A bad day it was. Why? Because, my body ached to exercise and the root cause I have to say is sleeping in – which I regret. I did do my Yoga but I wasn’t satisfied because my time of exercise was long gone and ‘every second wasted is one step closer to worthlessness.’ As they say, time and tide wait for none, each second is precious and make the most of it while it last, is what I believe in. No, that doesn’t mean, ou have to work day in and day out like a robot, but make sure what you do is going to do you/or others, good. I am a nocturnal human being by the way, but even then after having trained my body to being a morning person. And those of you all who think once you are accustomed to being awake all night and sleeping late or vice versa, no wait, anything for that matter; not just sleeping, here’s something for you, “It’s all in the mind. You can train yourself to do anything you want provided you have the determination and the urge to do so.”
With this, I feel I have learnt a lesson, (not all that well, but I can at least pass with a fine grade on this :P ) that messing up with your circadian rhythms and day to day routine can cause you harm. That is, only if you twist it too much to your ease. There are days when you have to and you have no other go, but when you don’t have to, please just don’t tamper with your body clock. If you do so too much, one day it can have a will of its own and you might result in you repenting. I have learnt this, and hope this article makes a difference to you as well.

And again, “it’s all in the mind!” And yes, Yoga helps you, a lot. :) And I strongly recommend it. Not just for the fitness part of it, but also for self satisfaction.

Keep smiling. :)

PS: I’m a Yoga beginner, now you can actually imagine the scene. :) And to my parents and friends who hate me staying up all night, I love you a lot and I will try as hard as I can to live up to the promises I’ve made to you. <3

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