Joy at your doorstep. Blog Marathon Post 20.

Don't we all love surprises? Well, online shopping ha not just become a rage of late but also a convenience. Amidst all this, how many of you all felt that streak of happiness the moment the courier guy hands over your package at your doorstep, in your hand? I have. And that brief happiness is matchless.
That said, I received two of my packages today. One from Fastrack and the other from Ebay.

The contents unravelled. :D

 What I got? Well, here they are.

1. Blue Handbag from Fastrack.
2. The Secret (book) by Rhonda Byrne.

These two things were on the top of my wishlist till now. Now that I have it with me, I'm overjoyed.

First of, receiving a book is the best thing anybody can get according to me. (Okay, I love books, for the fact :D). I can spend oodles of time at a bookstore or a library and books never seem to disappoint me at any point of time. They haven't and will not!

Coming to the book, The Secret was something that I was longing to own from a long time (I still don't know the reason for the procrastination) and I have it in my hand now and I feel like I'm on the seventh heaven. The fresh smell of the pages, the glossy sheets, the print everything is so beautiful. And well the book has a kind of antique feel to it which looks nice. Plus, the book is hard back!!! Yay on that. :)

Second, the bag. As a person I'm not too very brand-conscious. But Fastrack is something that never fails to get me hooked on to it. The variety, the styles, the collection, basically, EVERYTHING about Fastrack appeals to me and many of the youngsters would agree with on this. I'd become a huge fan of the summer collection bags from Fastrack and I waited (patiently) for the sales to start off. (If you're wondering, I rarely buy things off sale) So I got this blue hobo bag for myself and it's "oh-so-pretty". I am in love with it! :)

Those are all the things I got. And I'd like to say a special thanks to my dear friend for helping me out with this.
Thank you sooooooooooo much. :) :)

And I am off.
Good night and keep smiling. :)