My Jewelry Haul. Blog Marathon Post 19.

Okay, I know I have mentioned Deepika and Deepika Designs a lot many times in this space. You could see my previous post about Deepika Designs(DD). But that's really less for the beautiful creations of hers' and more so, for the wonderful person she is. The more I interact with her, the more I tend to like her. And her designs?! The best I've seen from a very long time and so very unique and you can customize the jewelry to your needs and styles. Beat that! I can say with utmost confidence, she is one the finest jewelry designers I've seen till date. The best part being, she incorporates both contemporary with youth in her designs. So it's a fusion of the best possible things. :) :)
I love her designs and I shall keep returning to her.. and if you want to own nice jewelry too, then you definitely must get in touch with Deepika Gill. :) I can assure you 100% that you will come back to her over and over again! :)

With that, here comes my haul with her.
(Btw, a few pieces are yet to come and whatever I have received today, I shall show them all to you.)

The box.

The jewelry I got.

The best part: A gift for me! :) :) A coral german silver pendant. :*

6 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 finger ring.

The note with the pendant gift. :*

So basically this was my haul. I love them all. But I love the thoughtfulness of Deepika. Well, the story goes like this:
'On the 15th of May('12), Deepika and I were chatting randomly on Facebook. We were discussing about stones, beads and other such things. She showed me a few pendants which I so loved and I sent her "Wow, lovely! Meko dedo. :P" and she sent "Hehehe diya :)" and I we started chatting about other things and I even forgot about the conversation until I received the package today. I thought the conversation was just casual, I hadn't realized she wasn't kidding when she said "diya". She actually, I mean, really gifted the pendant to me!!'
I was and am overjoyed about the gift, plus there was such a cute note just for me which I have fallen in love with. <3 :)

Thank you sooooooooo much Deepika!! :) :) Mwahhh! :*

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