My top 5 skin and hair savers. Blog Marathon Post 16.

Din't I tell you I will not stop beauty blogging?! See, I'm keeping up my words. So, *tadaaa* here it is, a beauty-related post after quite some time. Hope you like it and do let me what your skin savers are! :)

In this post, I will be listing out my most favorite, more than that, my skin essentials(yes! I cannot do without them *almost* every single day!) which helps me and my dry skin get through the entire day! Without these, I would probably look like a scarecrow! :P

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1. Lush Angels on the Bare Skin.

This baby is just so refreshing. As soon as I wake up in the morning my hands automatically reach out for this cleanser, and it is now so much a part of my morning skincare routine that I can correlate brushing my teeth with cleansing my face with this baby! ;)

2. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow.

This is the one thing I swear by for every dry skinned beauty! A must have. It doesn't just smell yummy, but makes you feel yummy as well. The moment I apply this body lotion, I slip into a whole new world, a world where only chocolate exists and nothing else.

3. Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm.

Summers, winters or monsoons. Whatever be the season, this is one thing I constantly remind myself not to forget applying in the nights. I can actually see the difference on the days I have applied this lip balm overnight. My lips feel satin smooth, soft and well moisturized the next morning!

4. The Body Shop Body Butters.

Body butters are thick forms of the regular creams and contains better ingredients and smells divine. Presently I'm using the Litchi Blossom one and I absolutely love it. Since, my skin is very dry, on the extra cold days I skip the body lotion and apply this instead. But since I live in Bangalore, the temperature more often than not doesn't go that cold so I use the TBS body butters for the thickers areas like elbows, knees and ankles. It provides the best of moisturization and for a very long time, I tell you!

5. Forest Essentials Brahmi Hair Oil.

I received a small bottle of this in my first Blisscovered box(in January this year, in case you don't know) and since then I've been smitten. My hair has become a lot healthier, shinier and a lot better from the day I have started using this hair oil. This baby is definitely for the keeps and I love it!

And this is all for now. Hope you like it and do let me what your skin and hair savers are! :)

Keep smiling. :)
Good night!

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