On stepping out to a new college(After). Blog Marathon Post 30.

I cant be happier! It was my first day at the new college, and I had so much fun already!

I met the girl I’d gotten in touch through facebook, finally! And she is nice. J

Met quite a few seniors of my mine from my grad school and I was surprised to find a few of them with me, and well, relived too! At least, there’s someone I know!

Got to know the lecturers, and even came to know things around were pretty organized. J

And the bus journey? Not as horrible as I thought, but then, maybe that was because mom was there with me! Hopefully it’ll turn out to be better. But yes, I have to agree, public transport, especially buses does tire you a lot! But thaat’s the flipside of the story.

And to how much excited I was yesterday, today’s day has completely lived up to the mark. J And I’m glad.Looking at this, I'm positive my 2 years of post graduation is really going to be interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

Keeping this post short, I’m signing off now.


Keep smiling. :)

PS:- Just to mention, here's the song I'm addicted to of late. :)

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