On stepping out to a new college(Before). Blog Marathon Post 29.

Alright, the most anticipated moment from a few months is finally here - well, almost! I'm stepping into a new college and this time its for my post graduation course. (I'm shocked myself!) Yes, I'm going to officially be a masters' student come tomorrow! It feels nice, I'm excited and deep inside my guy, I am even feeling a bit nervous - just a teeny weeny bit and it  hardly matters! I will be enjoying my student for a full two more years, not much really but I just hope its going to be worth it!

Okay, for the very time (from nursery till now, I mean) I am actually be travelling in public transport(read: bus) for the sake of college. If you're wondering, let me tell you, my school, and grad school were both hardly 5 minute walks from my place and now, that is not the case at all! Well, this is the only thing that's bogging me down in an uneasy way and I don't like it one bit. 

Apart from that, I'm quite enjoying the whole thrill of joining a new college as of now and all set to start another new journey of my life. Yeah, I'm done with most things that would be necessary for tomorrow. And I can't wait!! :) 

"Woooohooooo, Jain University, here I come!!!! :D" (I indeed sound like a baby now that's super excited for maybe getting a chocolate or a kiss. :P)

Haha. This is how excited I am. :D
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And with that I shall go get some beauty sleep. And tomorrow, I'm going to be putting my best forward for the first day of college! :)

Keep smiling. :)

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