Paper Quilling and me. Blog Marathon Post 23.

Okay, so if I haven’t told you, or if you don’t know yet then let me tell you now, I’ve taken up Paper Quilling very recently. Source being Preeti Shenoy’s blog, of course. Like I said in one of my previous posts, she’s a complete inspiration to me. And I read about Paper Quilling and how it can act as a stressbuster through her blog, I thought I should try making these too. But that was not a main reason. I’d seen Paper Quilled cards, jewelry and the like before a couple of times, and I’d adored them back then but hadn’t quite given a thought that I could do it as well. And when I got to know what it really was and coming from the author’s personal blog, it was a big motivating factor for me and all these days I was thinking, “Why should I? I can get prettier quilled stuff outside. Why make them at all?” I’d clearly forgotten how much of a ‘DIY lover’ I was in my childhood, and the blog make me re-think, and voila, I have a change of attitude right then. I saw a few quilled cards and some videos on how to actually go about it and I was all set. My “why should I?” turned into “Why not?” and before I knew it I was making these cute little paper quilled cards. And yeah, I’m so in love with the art. 

Let me tell you first that, I’m a total beginner with only three cards behind me[the 2nd one being a gift to my grand dad on his birthday, of which I do not have pictures of :( ] But I could show you the two of which I have pictures of. :)
1. Card number 1. The very first one I made. <3 
(Brown handmade paper n a green card.)
Firstttttt. :)

2. Card number 2. The latest one. 

Lilac card with pink handmade paper on  top with abstract designs. and a tag. :)

Vertical view.

Lateral view of the view.
The tags I made for the cards. I find them very cute and everthing is made out of handmade paper. :)

And again, criticism is most welcome. I’d be glad to have some feedback as it will boost my confidence into making more quilled stuff. :)

Keep smiling. :)

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