A silent scream. Blog Marathon Post 12.

Here's my newest poem. :) I especially love the arrangement of the lines in each stanza.
Four, six, eight, ten
and what we see is another poem.


A silent scream
A cut soul deep
An oozing of crimson water

Shaken vertical ranks
Unconnected and scary
Not a word, silenced.
Biting the lips
Holding back the tears
Closing the eyes, hurt magnified.

A piece of the heart
Is now lost.
The core is stained,
Insignificant and chained.
Gut-wrenching shrieks of horror
Heard to the self, none other.
Left all alone, with only memories
And now in need of stitches and surgeries.

Lying on the floor
In a pool of blood
With ripped hair, a slashed wrist.
Cold, pale and stiff
Without a breath, images so marred.
Just an aura of faded love.
Staring at the blank ceiling
Prodding over the sweet nothings
A noiseless teardrop runs down the cheek.
But all that remains is a handful of shards!

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

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