The end but still not quite the end. Blog Marathon Post 31.

I'm happy that I chose to to run my Blogging Marathon on a month that has 31 days instead of 30. I get to write a day more that way. :)

Well, today I'm going to be wrapping up the Blog-a-thon. No, it's just the Blog Marathon that's ending, I'm not quitting blogging, no way! I will come back for sure with it again next year, around the same time. But for now, it's done.

I must tell you, these 31 days haven't been very easy for me. There have been days when I've just dozed off and then all of a sudden I remember I've to post on my blog so I rush to the computer to make one, all groggy-eyed but still determined. And since I told you I wouldn't be posting any filler posts, I have probably lived up to my word.

I just though I'd dedicate something to the whole experience today before finishing it off. So here we go. It's just a simple poem, straight from the heart.

An Ode to the Blogging Marathon July 2012. 

A day more than thirty 
It's 31 days of July.
I am sitting there, blogging away
Everyday, every night.

As I decide on what to write
I give my mind and fingers some work
To tap the keys in the keyboard 
Incessantly, until I can do it no more.

I think that I'm done
But it's then I realize I'm not.
There's another day for me
To sit, think and jot.

Working tirelesslessly, 
From day one to now
I try to churn endlessly
Post after post, with quality - out of love.

I am sure one day I will look back happily
Because anything written, is always a memory.
I will smile, will think about all of you
Who have supported me, in my effort to make history.

The history however is small here
But when you see something that gives you joy.
I'm sure you would never ever treat it like,
A piece of trash, a piece of wasted toy.

It's now the end officially, but it really isn't
Since blogging is a journey, not a one time affair.
And as I sign off, "Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. 
I will come back come 2013, with more love, posts, fun - in full gear."

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj

PS:- It was my second day at college and I had quite a lot of fun. :) Best part being, getting to know so many of the people in a day. More details soon. :P

PPS:- I have genuinely enjoyed the whole month of blogging continuously. And I definitely want to do it again. The thought of completing it successfully is giving me so much pleasure now since I never thought I could do it. Ever. The feeling cannot be expressed in words. And I'm in love with every bit of this. I really am.

With that, it's time for me to go now, but I'm promise I'll be back sooner than you even thought. Because this blog marathon is just the end of a new beginning. And as I always say....

Keep smiling. :)

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