The 'real' and the 'fake' friends. Blog Marathon Post 26.

I’ve been wondering what is that about online friendships that attract most people towards it? The anonymity it provides you with for you to express yourself, maybe?! But then, what if you can actually be yourself with people in the online world? I wouldn’t say people in general, but just a select few and the count is too very less, trust me!

I have had a huge blow in my life (I’m considering it as just one D :P) wherein the people whom I trusted were the ones who betrayed me. And the betrayal was so bad that even to this date, I hurt thinking about the fall of incidents. And yes, I was left totally alone, with no one to go to. My hands would reach far for help, a help that never came in the ‘real’ form. The ‘real’ form here being the people whom I knew/know. In fact, they were the ones who’d pushed me down the cliff, smiling a sardonic smile.

It was horrible to tell you. That was when I turned my back towards all the ‘fake’ people(I call them fake since they were never ‘real’ to me though they were physically present all along) and actually made the ‘fake’ world my ‘real world. (I’m talking about the net world friends!) They turned out to be biggest pillar of support. From consoling, to supporting to motivating me – they did it all. In my moments of agony and they were there with me not letting me falter. Their help has been immense in me being the way I am now – happy and stronger. The encouragement to do what I have always wanted to do was enormous and now I think I wouldn’t have been so fast to recover if it hadn’t been for them.

 In fact, I wouldn’t say there were many. It’s just two(who's names I'm not going to take.) Yes, just two people who actually have brightened my life, even though we’re just ‘facebook’ friends. One has been my strongest support system ever ready to back me up, and in the other I have found myself, the hidden me! They have – literally and figuratively – brought out the ME that I had covered up into a mass and thrown somewhere for so long. It’s like I rubbed a magic lamp, got a genie who granted me two wishes in one. Now, when I think about it, it feels wonderful.

I’m so grateful having you guys with me in my life. With people like you, honestly, life couldn’t get any better. Thanks a billion both! :)

Cheers! \m/

Keep smiling. :) 

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