Website review: Bagskart. Blog Marathon Post 28.

"I'm on a high!! Somebody get me down!!!!!!!!!!!"
No, that kind of high, I'm talking about the high shopping gives you. It's almost euphoric you know?! And what when is is the sale season????? It really is great but the best part is you can do it all with a click or two.
Yes, I've been online shopping like crazy of late and during another of my online splurges, I accidentally tripped on a Fastrack bag I'd wanted for myself. When I saw it on this site called Bagskart, without  a secound I just whizzed through the procedure and placed an order. It was on Friday I did so, and it has already come to me, considering it was an order placed just 2-3 days back. :)

So here are a few pictures, I couldn't click more nor proper ones as my camera's battery was running out on me. So click here to check out the actual product. By the way, this bag being one among  the bestsellers(blame it on its appearance in the fastrack ad - which I happen to love) and hence, it is almost always sold out. It hardly even lasts for a couple of hours.

The picture clarity is pretty bad, please excuse. This is the bag and hope you will get a clearer idea looking at these pictures.

The package. :) I did not click my details at the back.

Tracing paper, bubble wrap inside the package cover. Very neat!
The bag. Do not mind the back-drop! :P

With that said and one, here's a list of positives and negatives with the site and a rating.

The Pros:
1. Fast shipping; faster delivery.
2. Huge range of bags to suit everyone.
3. Packaging is really neat.
4. Discounts on most ranges all year around.
5. Excellent customer service. The 'Live-chat' feature is very helpful and agents are very friendly.
6. Simple navigation.
7. Slot provided for discount coupons.
8. Easy order tracking facility.

The Cons:
(Nothing much really. It's a real nice site. But since I have to, here you go)
1. Rs. 25 charges when opting for Cash on Delivery(COD) but it is nominal anyhow.
2. Once you add a product to your cart, you're redirected to the "cart" page, but you cannot go back to the product by clicking on it AND "continue shopping" tab takes you to the homepage, not previous page.
*That's all the negatives about the site are, in my opinion.* 

Rating: 4.5 on 5. :)

And we're done for the day. :D

Keep smiling. :)

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