Movie Review: Barfi. The happy and the sad “Awww”s.

hey all! :)
I'd been to Barfi on Monday with my friends right after my internals and I now think, "Thank God, I didn't miss the movie." :D I do not want to blabber a lot, so here we go with the review. It is brief, but I hope you like it. :)

 My Take:
“Life happens, without any pre-plans. And what matters most is how you take it”

There are moments in life where you can’t help but become sentimental over things; and other times where you just want to laugh like crazy. ‘Barfi’ is a package that offers you both on a wide platter. This is one such movie where you can go “Awww” for the tiniest of things or go “Oh Shit! Nooo!” Either way, you can connect yourself completely to the movie. I could hear whales of laughter, as well as waterfalls of tears, not just in the theatre but all around me. Yes, the movie is heart-touching and it can stir your souls in brief, fleeting moments.

The movie is pretty much in monologues with just Shruti(Ileana D’Cruz) narrating the scenes. But there are times where Jhilmil(Priyanka Chopra) has gone vocal and trust me, the moments strike a chord in your heart and also where Barfi(Ranbir Kapoor) tries to verbalise his emotions. Barfi-Jhilmil moments are the most emotional ones, undoubtedly very cute. Not to forget, the comic timings, its just PERFECT!!

Ranbir definitely has given an award-winning performance; but personally, Priyanka takes the icing on the cake, she’s a complete natural and I feel no one could have done justice to the role as did Priyanka. And Shruti’s acting has been impressive too(considering this is her debut Bollywood movie), because without her, there would have been no Barfi, no matter how subtle her role.

Oh yes, the music is quite nice too. It isn’t really my type of music, but then it blends really well into the movie. Yes, by that I mean, music makes an impact, throughout the course of the movie. It isn’t like, there’s some song just thrown in for the heck of it.

Barfi is one of the very few movies I’ve watched without much dialogues, and by far this is the best! A movie based on love, hope and life. A carefree life. A ‘happy’ life, filled with unconditional love despite all the oddities. It teaches you, very delicately, that love can come twice, and there is a second chance in life given you’re open to it. We hope, and hope some more, but never turns our hopes to reality and one fine day, we regret. Barfi is a story of true love, the kind of love each one of us love!

My Rating: 9.9 on 10. (-0.1 because (a) I can never get myself to give a full on a movie that’s not my type. (b) I did not like Ileana’s make up! :D)

Final words: I’m not a person who weeps while watching a movie, no matter how emotional. Barfi got a tear or two in my eyes on a particular scene, so you can imagine – IT HAS TO BE GOOD!!

PS:- Yes, I notice makeup, outfits and jewelry even during the most intense scenes in any movie! :D