Flowers are indeed special.

Flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?! I love them a lot. Especially the ones that have just bloomed, they’re a sight to watch, really! And I’m sure even the most naive person on earth would agree with me on this.
I love that represent “LIFE” in its purest form. Free – of all worries, bringing in joy – at a mere sight, spreading cheer – without even realizing how nasty the things around them can be. They are a treat for sore eyes, a complete mood lifter.

Don’t we all crave for a life as peaceful as the flowers’? Sure, they are cut off, plucked for the sake of selfish pleasures and then discarded like crap, used for kinds of cruel experiments – but if we screen out all these external factors, don’t you think their lives, however short it may be, are beautiful?

I have lived in apartments all my life, and I rarely have had the opportunity to have a REAL garden, ever!! That sounds way too depressing, I know. But it isn’t really my fault. Nevertheless, I had planted a few plants in one of the flats I’d lived in when I was in my secondary years of school. 7th standard, to be precise. I had planted chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, a few wild flowers too. I don’t remember how many, all I know is, I LOVED them dearly. But, chrysanthemums were my favourite. Someday I really wish I can have a big beautiful garden, sprawling with different kinds of flowers(and fruits, even.)

Beautiful much?

Like I was saying, flowers epitomize LIFE. And I believe very strongly in living life to the fullest, no matter how short. Yes, life IS short! Not even a 80 years is enough to do all what we want to do, so why not make the most of it? I may sound a little too cynical here, but it is a question that is at the back of my mind, almost always is – Why live a life if you aren’t enjoying it? To me, life isn’t about ‘existing’, it is about ‘living’! Look at those flowers, big or small, they are still so happy. They do not have a mouth like us, humans, but they also experience pain and pleasures are much as we do. They keep smiling at you even when their cut off from their stems. The IDEAL way of life, this, you could say. Come to think of it, our lives are similar to a flowers’ especially when in grief or when we are down. We don’t really go about telling our miseries to people, whoever and how much ever close. (Well, at least not immediately.) So, at the least, we can try out bests not to spoil what nature’s giving us right? Who knows, we might be reborn as the flower we just killed. Empathy is something we need to get from within, we have been in similar situations in our life too, even if it’s just once, we still have. We have gotten our hearts broken, maybe lost some near and dear one, cried silent tears upon losing our best friends, sad for getting framed into some mistake you haven’t done, anything. The flowers just can’t express emotions like we do, which is what makes them all the more special. It’s just how sometimes we are tongue-tied, and can’t pour out our feelings even if we want to. So, the next time you see a pretty flower, think twice before plucking them! J Just wearing a “being human” T-shirt will not make you more humane and sensitive, you need to work for it. 

Lots of love,

PS:- This is the song I'm obsessed about lately. Ah, the contemplations of life that a song can drive you towards. Amazing! :)