I remember the night I started this blog, MY blog.. my very OWN blog! The night before my semester exam, with loads left to study which I never was much bothered about. All I wanted at that point of time was a blog! And a new blog was born - CIAS(short for, Corals in a shell) (hey, come on, it hardly takes around ten minutes to create one and you know it! :D)

That was the time I was obsessing over all the beauty blogs on the blog-o-sphere. And CIAS was born to be a beauty blog. Yes, that's what it was meant to be, but then since I have varied interests, there was a graudual change - which now makes CIAS a lifestyle blog, a place where I can ramble about anything and everything under the sun. :)

Yes, I know I've been lazy enough to not post everyday or even regularly for that matter, but nevertheless CIAS has been a strong part of my life and with the blog, I too have evolved as a person in the past one year. My life has changed quite drastically in the past one year. This time last year around, I was an undergraduate student on the verge of giving her 5th semester BA exams, and now here I am, doing my masters and almost done with my first semester. With that I have also learnt a lot many lessons in life. Basically, I have shaped up as a person to something I never thought I would become. And CIAS has been with me, like my backbone, all the time. And I cannot be any happier. I have even real good friends being on the blog-o-sphere as well. So many who's names if I start taking, it'd be the next year - the next October 20th. :P To be very honest, I don't even know how time whizzed by so swiftly. *gasps* One whole year has passed like a blink of an eye.



Just for coincidence sake, last year when I started the blog and now, I've invariably been with books, by which I mean, STUDY MATERIAL! :P Yeah, the only difference, I'm writing my practical records now, last year, I was actually studying! :P (What a weird connection!! :P)

Lots of love,
Dhriti. :)