I still love you.

Classrooms are the best sources of inspiration to 'write' even if it isn't really notes, if you ask me.

When I was in class today, our lecturer asked us all a question where we could confess something we never told anyone even we so badly wanted to, something that we held back due to inexplicable reasons. This set me into thought, and as the class discussed, my brain was churning words after words. And before I knew it, the words in my head strung themselves together, and poured on a paper which gave birth to this poem. 
And no, I do not regret not confessing anything to anybody, I was thinking about someone I know when I penned this down.

Hope you like it. :) 
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Much Love,


Image coutesy: Google images.

That smile of yours,
A smirk even, so sly and deceiving.
Its just a facade.
I detest.
But I still love you.

Those eyes of yours,
Gazing into mine.
You look, but you don't care.
I contemplate.
But I still love you.

That touch of yours,
Tingling on my skin,
Arousing my senses.
I move away.
But I still love you.

Those sweet words of yours',
Ringing in my ears everyday.
You never meant them.
And I regret.
But I still love you.

For all those cute little moments
That we shared,
For all the loving memories
That we cherish,
And for all those things we did,
All I can say is, 
"I love you and I always will."

© 2012 Dhriti Govind Raj