That small rush of immense happiness! :)

Everyone admires a certain person or a few and feels, "Oh, how I wish I could be like him/her." To me, one of those is the bestselling author of three books(and the fourth one to hit the book racks next month) is Preeti Shenoy. For all of you who know her, I can see that smile on your faces ;) and for those who don't, click here.

For starters, she is an amazing woman, who not only has three bestselling books under her belt but also blogs tirelessly about all those small things in life that matter. Not to forget all those posts which talk about positivity, that can uplift anyone who's low at any point of time. It has worked with me, and I'm glad. :) You can have at her blog here.

I came to know about her books by a close friend of mine(Suhasini Srihari) when we were randomly discussing "books". She mentioned this book called "34 bubblegums and candies" with all the other ones, but somehow, I stuck to this one. And when I saw the book in JustBooks, i.e., the library I'm a member of(I'm a student, and for the amount of books I read, well, I do NEED a library ;) :P even though I love owning books and I would someday want a personal compilation of my OWN :)), I impulsively picked it up, and I found it so damn interesting that I finished reading it in 6 hours flat! :D and this was early this year when her third "Tea for two and a piece of cake" had just come out. So my next pick was that one. And trust me, after  I finished reading "Tea for two...", I was hooked. Yes, she had me hooked to her books. And I WANTED TO OWN ALL OF HER BOOKS and I did it! So I read from my own copy of "Life is what you make it" and it felt GOOD! :) And then one day, when I was flipping through her FB page, I found her blog which, in a way, has changed my life. It's made me more open to the world, take things as they come and honestly, has made me a lot more optimistic as a person. And I thank her for that. Here's her website.

Her three books.

Her fourth book set to release on the 14th of December, 2012. *excited* :D

Back to the point, I'd visited her blog yesterday and left a comment on her recent posts and I was surprised that despite me not leaving behind my blog link, she chose to visit my blog and leave a comment on it. And the comment being answering all the question on my blog award post. along with saying a few very nice things which touched me. :) 
Here's her comment by the way. :)

Hey dhriti,
After that beautiful insightful comment on my post, I was forced to pay you a visit.
Liked this post :)
You have answered the questions well and liked the ones you have asked too :)
Hearty congrats on your first blog award.
may you have many more :)
I feel like answering the questions you have asked. Lemme answer them here:

1. What is that one thing you like the most being a "blogger"?
Connecting to people!

2. What does "beauty" mean to you?
Having a kind heart, compassion and a warm smile.

3. You're on an island all alone and there is no network on your mobile or any way to connect to the outside world. What would you do to escape?
I wouldn't want to! It sounds like paradise to me :D

4. Your favourite writers of all time? (Please don't say the "too many to pen" thing!)
Roald Dahl, Audrey Niffeneger, Milan Kundera, Rushdie.
5. If you had the world's best camera in your hand, what would be the first thing you'd capture? 
My children and husband and dog all in one frame :)

6. Polkas, hearts, or military prints?
Military prints :D Polka also ok--but definitely no hearts for me :)

7. What colour, according to you, describes you the best?
Sunshine yellow or Ivory black :)

8. How do you connect with the word "writer"?
Amazing person :)

9. What's your favourite form of exercise?

10. What would you want to tell all your blog readers? :) Go on, say write all you want! :)
I love you. Thank you :)

You might think, "it's just a comment, why all the fuss?" But to me, it's much more than that. She's someone who has inspired in ways no one but me knows. And I have admired her from the day I read her first book(and more when I came across her blog and started reading it!) and will continue to do so. So it's VERY SPECIAL TO ME! :) Thank you so much Preeti. :)

Lots of love,