Happiiiieeee new year 2013!!!!!!! :)

I don't know how many of you all feel this, but I felt the year 2012 has just whizzed past us. And I was trying hard to think of all the things that happened in the year, nothing that significant has happened. But I thought it would be nice if I jotted down atleast some of the few things that crossed my mind. And yes, I had to literally rack my brains for the earlier parts of the year. :P But I still din't find anything worth mentioning here.

Okay, now to what the post is intended to be. :P Here's the only few things that have happened in my life this year that are noteworthy.

1. Graduate!
Okay, I'm now officially a GRADUATE. Yay me, congratulations and celebrations! :D Not to mention, me doing my post-graduate(in Psychology) course now. Quite eventful, I know! :D *feels proud of herself* :P (Hey, I'm allowed to bask in the glory of being a successful graduate once in a while. :P)

2. Friendship and love.
2012 has taught me a LOT, and the hard way! I realized so much that now, I have the strength in me to laugh off things and take things as they come. The most important thing is, it's "happy Independence" to me this year. (20th April, 2012 is the date if I'm allowed to disclose that here. :)) Friends come and go, friendship turns into love(no, it doesn't necessarily have to be the "girl-boy love" thing) and some hurt you real bad before leaving but in the end, there's always something out of all the things that happen. At the least, I found out the 'real' ones from the lot. :) Well, I guess some lessons are meant to be learn the hard way.

3.  The Weddings.
Four - yeah, F-O-U-R of my cousins are now now happily married, thanks to 2012! Okay, one of them is getting married on the 2nd of 2013 but it equals 2012 since they got engaged this year! As happy as I am about their marriages, I'm a teenie weenie bit freaked out because now I get to hear comments like, "You are next on the line, Dhriti." But that apart, the last 2 months have been so much fun!! :)

4. Preeti Shenoy's comment.
Last but not the least, THE Preeti Shenoy commented on my blog post!! I know, I must have said this almost a 15,869,891 times already, but it was very special to me, okay! *poker face* :D

Oh, by the way, no resolutions for 2013 from me! No point making resolutions about things which rarely happen, right?! ;) So yeah, I'm better off with those! :D

And, I am done! Happie new year everyone. May 2013 bring you luck, success and most of all, happiness. :) Oh, and to the women of India, SAFETY! :)

Loads of love,

PS:- See you next year! :D
PPS:- This is a scheduled post for the 31st since I will be busy on the day, so bear with me if the post gets published late or anything! :)