First Vellvette Box - December 2012 (100th post!!!!!! :D)

Is it the 8th of January already?! *clasps hands over mouth* Gee, talk about time flying FAST! I somehow have a weird feeling this year is going to pass sooner than 2012. Just my thought. Atleast it looks like for now. What?! I'm serious! It's been more than a week since it's 2013 and we still are mulling over the new year and the like. Time to pull up our socks and get into into the pace?! Oh yeah! I'm in! :D And so in my my first Vellvette Beauty Box! I might be the last one to blog about December 2012's Vellvette Box but better late than never right?! ;)

First things first, I got it on the 6th of January(I was too busy lazy to post it right away. Apologies for that.) and if you're wondering why I got it this late, well, there's a little story behind it. Story?! No, let's just call it a "situation". So on the 1st of January when I was travelling(yep, I was travelling on the 1st, so I'm hoping I'm going to travel a lot the whole year. :D) I got a call from the Aramex courier guy asking me if I had a package worth some amount. (A) I was travelling, and was enjoying the beauty of everything on the way blah blah blah, (B) It had been soooo long that I had even ordered something from ANY site. So, I rejected the package saying it wasn't mine. :P Later in the evening, I got a message from Beauty Vellvellete reminding me of my order, and "realization" happens, and with realization came anxiety. My mind was literally yelling *my boxxxxxx. OMG, my boxxxxx!! Hope it's still there.* :D I called up the courier guy and asked him if the package was still in the office and said it was mine after all. (He was annoyed, I could tell. But hey, I needed my box okay!) He said he's "check", which sounded like a 'no' to me, but then my mind said, "Why don't you just give him a chance? It might still be there." So, I again became the optimistic me all the while receiving soo many messages from Aramex stating my package was pending, giving me their contact numbers and stuff. So next day, when I called up the guy said it was there with him and I was SO relieved. Gosh, it was reflecting on my face. :D So finally, I did get after I came back, safe and sound. And that's the end of the story. :D Enjoy the pictures!! This is all that I got! :)

The personal touch <3 ..

Pink pink pink!!! <3 

TBS conditioner :( travel purpose probably! and the cabotine package made of handmade paper is SO awesome! <3 

Just so my bill reaches 500/- I ordered this! :D

Bonus Anna Andre Lipstick. :D

Discount coupons and product description handouts. Taken in artificial light so looks bad.

So, totally for INR 534/- I got 5 products which is just awesome! Although I got a TBS conditioner which for a fact doesn't do much to my hair(I have the big bottle), I'm happy with all the other products. Infact, I'm super excited about the rest! This is the first thing from Clinique that I own and I'm dying to use it! And that Anaa Andre Lipstick Shade looks sooooo tempting, I'm waiting to try it on!! :)) By the way, I got this lippie because I was one of the few who ordered for the box early on. So this is a BONUS in my box! Yay! D Not to mention the EDT, it's such a fresh fragrance and the packaging is lovely! I'm in LOU! :D <3 

Favourite product:- Clinique's Twilight Mauve Blush & Eye Shadow Trio.


1. Very affordable.
2. Good collection of products.
3. Discount coupons.
4. Personalized letter and handouts.
5. Good customer service.
6. COD facility and shipping free above 500/- is okay with me.
6. This is personal:- I love the name "Vellvette". :D


Nothing much really fits in the cons department except that the delivery is really slow! I got the previous month's box this month and I'd entirely forgotten about it. (Surprise surpiseeeee, eh?! :P)

And done! I'm very much pleased with the box and will definitely keep ordering for these cute little things! :) <3


PS:- This is my 100th post!!!! There was a minor problem last time, so THIS is the 100th!!!!! *Celebrationsssssss!!!!!* :D