What happened in March. Part 1.

Is it already the end of my favorite month??!! :O March can’t be ending this soon!! L No no noooooo!! (Okay, I’m done over-acting now :P) So, let’s get to what I wanted to share.

The super yummmmm Blueberry cake!! <3

March has been an awesome month for me. By awesome, I mean ‘eventful’. For one, I’ve almost always had bummer birthdays, “Birthday 2012” being the WORST in the history of all times! (Yes, when I say WORST, I mean WORST because it in a way set me fearing “Birthday 2013.”) But when you have great friends and ever supporting parents there for you, what could possibly go wrong?! (Okay, that like just reminded me of the game Bubsy we used to play as a kid. Hey, don’t judge me, I’m a 90’s kid! :D Anybody played Bubsy, EVER?! :P) 

So, in just 5 words, “Birthday 2013 was TOO GOOD!” J))))) And I’m touched. Thank you Gunjan, Aparna, Mushtaq, Mumma and Papa for making my 23rd a beautiful, fun-filled one. Not to forget everyone who wished me; on call, texts, facebook, whatsapp, etc.. Thank you ALL. J 

Corals in a shell
Me, the birthday girl. :D

It set me thinking last night “Okay, now I’m 23, does that make me a lady and no more a girl?” I was unable to answer myself which made toss and turn in bed for quite a while. And then I thought to myself, “Who cares?! Lady or girl, I’m still ‘me’, just a year older. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m proud to be ME and that’s about it. Nothing would ever stop me from enjoying my life, or living it to the maximum without just surviving. And no, I don’t care telling out my age in public, because age is something that reflects confidence, boosts self-esteem and makes you more mature, if you ask me. (Although, it is fun to act like at times. After all, there’s a child within everybody! :D) So yes, I’m ME, a very HAPPY me!! And again, none of this would be possible without my super valuable and special friends and family. Thank you again, for say the millionth time. :D

US! :)

Part 2 of “what happened in March” will be up tomorrow. :)

Pictures are all up on Facebook. Here’s the link:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152703218070287.1073741825.613995286&type=3 I hope it's visible for y'all. :)

Love you all.
Dhriti :)

PS:- The morning of my birthday was spent with Mushtaq, but he still hasn't given me the pictures!! :| But it was soooo much fun with him toooooo!!! :) :) <3