What happened in March. Part 2. (Delayed post :( )

NOTE: This was a scheduled post(01/04/2013; 21:03 IST), which unfortunately never published itself. :( I thought it would. So here I am, doing it manually and super late(15/05/2013) since I hadn't noticed nor checked on my blog ever since.  I shall take necessary precautions next time, for sure. A very big apology to all you readers. :( I promise this will not repeat.

Back to the post (haven't edited anything from the time I wrote it a month back).

I sang!!!!!! 

If you’re thinking what’s so great about singing because each one of us sing, then here’s why. It was a song I sang on stage after a VERY long time. Say, 10 years?! Possible. I can’t even collect. :O So yes, it has been awfully long. I used to be a singer before. No bragging, but I’m trained to some extent. But it has been around 6-7 years since I stopped practicing. (Yes, now I sound like a goat :P And I cant hold my breath anymore which is a sad thing. L) But if there’s one person I can blame, then that’s MYSELF. Because, it’s my fault I haven’t been practicing. 

So, this time I thought to myself “Dhriti, if you don’t sing NOW, you won’t do it EVER!!” – mainly because I’m fear the stage and I get all nervous and jittery and what not. Which is why, I tend to save myself from all the stress and lay back and not participate in anything and later brood and curse myself to being so shy and stupid. Introverted, much?! But I realized it was high-time. Good or bad, who really cares? All I wanted to do was sing and let myself loose. Which I did, and I know very well, I was pretty bad but then again, I wanted to and I did. It doesn’t matter because I did not do anything wrong and it was something I really, very badly wanted to do.

But there was another causal factor in here that played a huge part in getting me to sing ON STAGE in front of people. What? It’s actually a who. It was my bestie, Gunjan. The event was an ‘alumni meet’ in college. We were excited (as usual) and decided it would be nice if we did something for the event. So, we zeroed in on singing because she’s a singer herself (and a very good one at that) and we sang three songs together – 2 solos(Me: Kannada song Tanmayaladenu; She: Dil Hai Chota Sa) 1 duet: Pareshan.

It was a really nice experience, and when you have someone who’s so supportive and encouraging(I was in a fix whether to sing or not a t one point and she said “Shut up and sing!” Those four words might come across as rude when you hear/see it. But that was one big push for me. I can’t thank her enough for this. It really is nice having friends like her because you know where you’re going. Friends who just pretend to care for you and who put you down when you need them the most or in situations like these where you need a push but you’re trampled upon do nobody any good. Stay away from them.

And that was Part 2 of the story where I did something that I thought I never would till I die.

Pictures will soon be up on Facebook. I shall link back then. J

Love you all.


PS:- The summer heat is increasing by the day here, and it’s BAD!!!!!!!! Help me somebody. I need to cool it off.