“Life-long friend” – now, forever and beyond...

Here comes the first prompt for Thursday No. 1 by Preeti Shenoy on account of her latest book - The One You Cannot Have (TOUCH), coming this November. Excited?! I sure am. And I'm in super love with the acronym TOUCH. Awesomeness to the T! :D

So here goes my entry for the first prompt......

If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend'/'life partner', I would choose the one who I can probably never have as a ‘life partner’ but I can definitely have as a ‘forever friend’.

Studies show that there is at least 1 person in everybody’s life that they cannot have. True, if you ask me! There can be various reasons for an individual to not have someone they want as their life partner, and the biggest one, according to me, would be religion. I know when someone says “religion is the reason I couldn't get to marry him/her” it is found to be very amusing by most people. And words like “you should fight for your love” and such spring up. But the intricacies of a relationship and the problems religion can cause can only be understood by those who are into it or have suffered already due to it. But hey, who is to judge, right?! I just wrote this because these thoughts were lingering at the back of my mind from a very long time. And I know if I take the ‘social justice’ route, neither will the purpose of the post be achieved nor will the post end. Nobody would that, I’m sure. Let’s save it for another day, shall we?! ;)

Coming from a girl who is single and is not “in a relationship”(as FB says) with anyone, I have my own set of fears and anxiousness when I think about a ‘life partner.’ But that doesn’t avert me getting married or anything. I just want to experience life(life partner, included) they way it comes. Good or bad, I’m up for it. I wouldn't want to CHOOSE the kind of a guy I’d want. But friends, yes. I would. And by God’s grace, I do have the kind of people in my life I would want to be friends with forever. When I thought about this, my parents were the first ones who popped into my mind. They are for sure, given the top most priority, but then I know they will stick around with me no matter what, through thick and thin. I love them so much that one post cannot express it all effectively. Maybe in the next post I shall. (Yes, that means – I’m waiting for your upcoming TOUCH prompts Preeti! ;)) So, I moved on to my secondary circle – my friends and it did not take me a split second to decide who this topic would be dedicated to. Like I said before, he is someone, not from the religion same as mine. Marriage might have barriers, but friendship doesn't!

He is the type of a person who knows instantly when I’m down and has the knack of behaving like a total idiot just to put the smile I always have, back on my face. And when I’m happy, he becomes all the more happier and it takes only me to pull him back from cloud 9 back to the earth. He’s my constant support system – my rock, more likely. Encouragement or admonishing, he knows where what is needed exactly and I’m left baffled as to how he knew what I would need to work better, even without me telling him. He’s there for me 24*7 which gets annoying at times: P but at the end of the day, I love enjoying those small little moments of my life with him. Basically, there is this weird yet pleasant chemistry between us that I cannot actually translate is the ‘life partner’ thing. It can only what we all call ‘pure friendship’. And I would always want him by my side at all odds. He is by far, the sweetest guy friend I have ever made and I have no second thoughts on the fact that he will always be the best guy friend I will ever have. He’s like the perfect package of a friend that has been tailor-made for me!

“When the going gets tough
I shout, scream, or simply act daft.
But if it weren't for you

I’m so sure I wouldn't ever be happy or even laugh.”

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