The 3 little things I would want from a guy - TOUCH Thursday No. 3)

Yes, I completely agree with you Anjali. Men SHOULD come with an instruction manual. As much as they proclaim themselves to be "simple and easy understand," we girls know how untrue it is! ;) Wait a minute, we girls are "complicated"? All human beings are, including the male specie! So, instead of blaming them, let's give them our own self-made, handy-day instruction manual, so it can at least be easy for them to understand us better, shall we?! ;) Oh, and let's also thank Preeti Shenoy for this amazing writing prompt and Westland Publishers as well, before we start off. :) "Thank you!" :)

We live in an era where everything, from career to home to food, everything is a rat-race. And technology does little to help. Our life is a like a car, on a lane with absolutely no signals nor speed-breakers! So while we are at it, let's just stop for a moment and think. Actually, stop, reverse, and think about where our personal lives are heading. Is the picture clouded? Well, that makes two of us. Before we can realize, we are all grown-up and there is a hunt going on to find a Mr. Right for us or the other way, we fall in love with our Mr.Right ourselves.

While thinking about the same, I realized I do value money and a high-flying career and other materialistic things quite a bit, but that definitely does not make up for all the non-materialistic things that I would need from my Mr.Right. After all, needs do get the better of wants, eventually. So, I thought of helping Anjali out by giving her my personal instruction manual(for the guys). ;)

1. Live WITH me. 
Not ahead of me, I am not your personal secretary. Not behind be either, I am not your boss. Just walk with me, like my best friend. Because that is what you are. A caring, loving, understanding friend, more like a precious gem is what I see you as. And I know I can share anything under the sun with you. And that is how would expect you to be, always. At least, almost always. I understand, you can have bad days too. And I'm here for you, no matter what.

2. With ME too, please.
We spend half of our time outside, busy in our second home called "office". When you want to meet your friends, I would for you to go and enjoy your time with them. A glass of wine, food, talk - anything is fine by me. But when you are in OUR place called "home", please do share some of time with me too. Let us share that bottle of Jacob's Creek together and us cheer to a happy life, together. Because we both get our "space" apart anyhow, which I know everyone, a guy or a girl needs at all levels.

3. Make me laugh, make me cry.
Isn't it the best feeling in the world when you laugh with tears in your eyes at the same time? It sure is. So, just be that guy who gives me that feeling, at least at some point of my life. I would love to be myself in front of you, give me the opportunity to do so. Yes, I know I am being a little ego-centric. But hey, I'm being very clear with the instructions here. :D

It sure is difficult to find the guy who you feel is the right one for you immediately. But at one point, I believe you will. Or as a woman, I know we have the abilities to make the wrong ones right as well! "If you can't find love, then you  can always craft love" is what I believe in. :) But if you are lucky enough, good for you girl. You are truly blessed.

So, Anjali. 6 rejected guys or more, there definitely is one person out there for you, I'm sure! :)


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