Light at the end of the tunnel.

There are times when one feels so hopeless, so lost and so out of focus. Like, there is a dead-end at the end of every path they take. You tend to feel low at all random times, or feel like hitting your head against the wall screaming at the top of your voice as things are just not going your way. You think there's absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel. Like the end is pitch-dark too.

Whenever I go through any of the "phases" in my life, it's always my mother I turn to. I know she will listen to me venting out at any point of my life, and this time when I was at it again, going on and on about how how my life wasn't taking me anywhere,  she just sad, "Look, some things are just beyond anyone's control. Your brain is also like your body, don't push it too hard or it'll fail to work the way it is supposed to to. Have patience, give things time and they will magically fit into their places just like a jigsaw puzzle."

It was like one of those "shut-up-I-don't-want-you-whining" statements at that moment, like a slap on my face. But then I realized, there was so much truth in the statement. You can rake your brains all your want but it's your peace of mind going out of place that way and not you getting what you wanted any which ways. It's just so pointless thinking about things. It's like worrying about something you did 2 or more years back. What seemed like a big deal then is just something you laugh about now. I'm so sure, we're going to think about it 2 years from now and laugh it off.

So, let's just take this moment, breath in and out, smile and say, "It's okay. This too shall pass." :) while we're at it, let's try to go back to doing what we once loved to. For me, well, I need another good book to read ASAP, the last I read was TOUCH by Preeti Shenoy. Yes, it has been super long since I read. And, with "nothing else matters" playing in my ears, after a really long time, I'm at bliss. And I'm off to sleep. :D

Lots of love.