New beginnings and I can't shut up.

The first half of the year is over and I feel it was just yesterday I was welcoming 2014. What is happening?! "Slow down, 2014."

Anyway, its been ages since I wrote so I thought might as well since I missed blogging so much.

What's happening at my end? Well, a lot. First off, I'm finally done with post graduation. *Yayyyyyyyy* :D I now all the time in the world to concentrate upon other things. It's a relief, I kid you not! Second, I'm now working part time at a school and it's a lot of fun. The kids these days are stars, honestly. They defy the age old saying "Jack of all, master of none." It's like, "Jack and master as well of everything under the sun." And that rhymed. :D Anyway, I should tell you, I feel so much more alive being. It's a 'back to school' moment for me. And I'm relishing every bit of it.

That's what's happening at my end currently. I'm loving the change. Oh, I'm also back to devouring books. :D And what else? I went to The Body Shop today and went a little crazy shopping. :P

What else what else? I have a bandaged finger. :( And it hurts. "Get well soon, middle finger." :P

That's all for now, I guess.

Oh oh, no wait. One last thing. I'm using my phone to write this post. That's another new beginning. "Yayyy, Moto G. I love ya." :D

Oh my God, I feel like a hyper active 5 year old. I feel I have so much to share. :D

Okay, seriously. That's all for now. The end!

Bye bye. Goodnight. And lots of love.

Dhriti. :)

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