The Change.

Things happen. Nobody has the ability to change what is bound to happen. All we can do is change, in the face of a change. As I was reflecting on a few things, I just scribbled a few lines in the name of a poem and it goes straight from my heart. 

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I have changed,

In ways more than one.

Yet the thoughts keep blaring,

And I can't share it with anyone.

I yearn to be normal.

The carefree spirit I used to be.

But now it's just a memory,

That I can't bear to see.

But see, I must.

No matter how hard it is.

And every time I do,It hits me harder, without a miss.

I try to cope.I try to smile.But in the end,It all lasts just for a while.

 © 2014 Dhriti Govind Raj

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